Friday, April 09, 2010

poop day

I'm having a poop day.

A foot-stomping,
poop-on-a-stick day.

But one day I'm going to live here and this is going to be my life and it will all be lovely all the time and when it's not lovely I will be here and I can throw sticks in the woods and sob into my dog and eat home grown yummies and drink rum and it will be fine.


  1. A big boo for the poop day. Hope the weekend is better. A big counter-yay though for where you are going to live. I can certainly see the attraction of living there.

  2. P.

    I swear to god I was going to post these today. Along with a few other country type homes. I have been OBSESSING about, y'know, moving to the country. or something like that.


  3. (oh, but then i was half an hour late for work, so i posted a music video instead.)

  4. Very sorry for your very bad no good horrible day. With hopes for improvement.

  5. That place looks wonderful. Hope your day gets better.

  6. I thought they were N's arms and was wondering why I hadn't noticed his tattoos in any of your other photos and then I thought why does he have New York tattoo'd on his arm and then I scrolled through the rest of the pictures and felt a bit silly.
    Sorry you are having a poo day, New York and all its fabulousness is coming soon, stick you face in the bend of your husband's neck and have a good cry it always works for me, obviously not with your husband. Jeez I'm glad its the weekend.

  7. I just googled 'poop on a stick' because I say it a lot, but I don't know where it came from, then I see your post and think 'oh, it must come from something then. i'm not the only one that says it.'
    i found that poop on a stick has it's own facebook page. but i still don't know where it comes from - do you?
    i also say 'what the crap?'
    i swear i'm not obsessed with poop.
    you should scream, you'll feel better.

  8. that would make everything better. especially the dog part.

    hope your day gets better.

  9. hope your day gets better! (((((((((hugs)))))))))

  10. Aww, hugs to you! Just think - you'll be in NY soon!

    I love the silverware drawer, and the liquor shelf. Definitely things to think about for the farmhouse I'll have someday.

  11. Poop happens--just breathe!

    Ohhh man, can I be this couple please--how perfect does it all look?!? Thanks for sharing.

  12. oh yes, i'm familar with that day. hope it gets better...

  13. i dream many dreams of having a mezzanine sleeping gallery thingy like that, so lovely. that home looks so light and bright and relaxing to be in, too. urgh, sorry to hear you are having a poop day, but keep on stomping. and maybe have some more rum.

  14. It’s ok to be pissed off.
    Cry a shit-ton, watch a sad movie, read old journals from high school and maybe even have a drink(s).

    Then wake up tomorrow and say:

    "If you are going through hell- keep going" -Winston Churchill.

  15. yeah this house is pretty much like the country house i should have bought a year ago that i'll never find again. tear.

    cheer up darling, new york is coming soon. you can come bury your face in my dogs if you want!

  16. At least there isn't any *real* poop on your poop day? I am having a literal poop day. Poop on the carpet takes the fun out of dog-sitting =p

  17. I hope you feel better tomorrow :)

  18. my last two days were poop days. feeling overwhelmed and crying myself to sleep days. then joe took me out for tacos and got us the eames lounge and i started to feel a little bit better.

    p, can you and n and your future dog move to a country house in california so that we can at least have our poop days together?


  19. This post reminds me of "Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no-good, very-bad day" book that we read as kids. Somehow, in your poopy day, your post is still cute. :)

  20. I saw this house a few days ago and decided it may be the most perfect thing I've ever seen in my entire life, other than a nude man in my bed. I need to kidnap the owners and take over!

  21. Oh, perhaps you need to go back to the babybunnybutt post, dear...

    I also thought that was a photo of Nye buttering toast (It actually totally reminds me of the photographs you posted of you guys making pancakes), and I agree with Celia - but let's at least meet half way? How's somewhere on the east coast, hmmmmm?


  22. :0 I want that house! Hope your weekend is funner than the poop day

  23. Rum fixes EVERYTHING.


  24. oh my goodness
    this house is killer
    i just posted it today!
    a friend of mine had sent me the link to these images on the site a while back because she thought of my mr. and i when she saw it.
    it's heavenly.

  25. Dont ya just hate unsolicited advice! I'd tell you how to deal with it but... ;)
    Kitty x

  26. I LOVE that place!! I'm a new reader on your blog and LOVING it. Great post to start with.

  27. i had the same thoughts when i saw this on the selby! i want their house and everything!!!!

    one day soon-ish we will! right?

  28. those photos are really nice

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