Thursday, April 01, 2010


We leave for New York two weeks today.
I'm. Not. Ready.

I don't even know what I need to do to get ready. I have no list. I never have no list.

I don't know where my passport is, what I'm going to wear on the plane or what I'll say if they ask me to go through one of those scary naked scanner things in the airport.

Today we sent a stranger all of our money and she posted us keys to our apartment to us. At least, she says she did (pleasegoddon'tletitbeascam) and in two weeks we'll be going to sleep in the middle of Greenwich Village. And ohsweetjesus I'm so excited.

*Oh Gosh picture from The Internet. I'm bad, I saved it with the ambiguous filename 'cocoacocoa'. I have no idea what that means.


  1. Have fun! We are going in July for a week. Super excited. Hope we both have a nice time :o)

  2. clean knickers, toothpaste, and your cameras. in fact most of that you could buy if you forgot, you just might have to live to the streets to buy another camera.
    have an amazing time, I'll miss yo again since you only just came back to your blog!

  3. i'm so happy for you, p!!

    ps. i'm still crying about it. boohoo.

  4. Have an amazing time! Just wander & enjoy. I love NY! Sometimes the best things happen spontaneously, so be open to new things & have a great trip. Happy Easter. x

  5. Am I jealous?

    I should cocoa, cocoa?

  6. Hooray for you! Enjoy yourselves...

  7. Hi lady!

    If you'd like some recommendations, I posted my favorites here:

    Have the best time!

  8. How exciting! I love NY (my Dad and sis used to live there – so accommodation used to be free!)

    We're off to San Fran in one week and I'm feeling the same 'ahh I'm not ready'ness! My OH wants to make me pack this weekend so I don't end up having some sort of freak out on Thursday night about what to take! ;)

    Sure you'll have a fab time - whether you're ready for it or not! x

  9. Yay i'm so excited for you guys! have a wonderful wonderful time!

  10. Have an amazing trip! New York is fabulous and you'll be right in the heart of it

    (I Just realized you're in Glasgow...all this time lurking on your site and not really putting it together - my fiance is from Troon, we live in Philly)

  11. 2 weeks to awesomeness, baby.

    It and you and everything will be fabulous much. Wishing I could follow you there.

  12. I am so excited for you guys!!! It's going to be fantastic!!


  13. Eeeps, very very exciting! Good luck for all your preparations. Sure it'll all be fine but would recommend finding the passport asap :) And be prepared for a double security check going through the airport, lots of poking and prodding...

  14. How exciting! I love New York and Greenwich village is lovely lovely lovely. The Morgan Library is my favourite bit and I tell everyone who is going to NY that they must visit! Anticipating a trip is all part of it, enjoy the buildup! And, fortunately, if do you forget things in a whirl of excitement, i hear the shopping in new york is alright ;)

  15. I know where the OH GOSH photo is from. I follow her blog:



    Soon you will be here and then we will all be happy.

  17. I'm so far away from thinking of that yet..

    Don't worry, just bring your regular stuffs.

  18. n fact most of that you could buy if you forgot, you just might have to live to the streets to buy another camera.
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