Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A weekend

A couple of months ago I ordered a diana lens and adapter for my dslr. I have a diana camera but I can't afford film or getting it developed.
On Thursday I finally managed to track it down to a local post office (oh they're a bunch of bastards) and bring it home. I played around with it a bit over the weekend and while I've yet to take anything worth keeping I thought I'd share my first effort (and my easter weekend) with you.
Be kind.

The aforementioned hoaching park (it means busy people, busy). See those three tiny bundles of fluff? They're baby cows and that's a WHITE one. I'm in love with the white one.

hairy mummy cows.

'mooching in the park.

reasons 462 that I love my husband: when on the way home, on easter Friday, his woman decides that only M&S's honey roast ham crisps will do, he lets her stay in the car while he battles the hoards of people who think hear 'long weekend' and think 'shopping!'.

We have two wedding CDs, 'Before Tea' and 'After Tea'. For the first year we were married they were the only things we listened to in the car. We're trying to branch out.

I started packing for New York. I'm only taking hand luggage. For a month long trip. This is partly because I hate carrying luggage but partly because over the last year I've been dumping my clothes in the charity bin with abandon. The above is what I have left.

Apart form this stuff, which is what is left in my wardrobe when everything grey, black and purple is taken out.

I have got the hang of neither focus nor exposure. Focus because it appears that the lens has none, and exposure because I haven't had to think about exposure for, well, ever.
I'll get there though. I bought it because it's so much lighter than either of my other lenses which I couldn't really face carrying around Noo York when I'm out exploring. N is very amused that we've spent £(toomany)thousands on crystal clear, super sharp, very fast lenses (and effing heavy) over the last couple of years and now I'm buying £30 plastic lenses that aren't sharp or clear or even very easy to get a picture out of.