Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A weekend

A couple of months ago I ordered a diana lens and adapter for my dslr. I have a diana camera but I can't afford film or getting it developed.
On Thursday I finally managed to track it down to a local post office (oh they're a bunch of bastards) and bring it home. I played around with it a bit over the weekend and while I've yet to take anything worth keeping I thought I'd share my first effort (and my easter weekend) with you.
Be kind.

The aforementioned hoaching park (it means busy people, busy). See those three tiny bundles of fluff? They're baby cows and that's a WHITE one. I'm in love with the white one.

hairy mummy cows.

'mooching in the park.

reasons 462 that I love my husband: when on the way home, on easter Friday, his woman decides that only M&S's honey roast ham crisps will do, he lets her stay in the car while he battles the hoards of people who think hear 'long weekend' and think 'shopping!'.

We have two wedding CDs, 'Before Tea' and 'After Tea'. For the first year we were married they were the only things we listened to in the car. We're trying to branch out.

I started packing for New York. I'm only taking hand luggage. For a month long trip. This is partly because I hate carrying luggage but partly because over the last year I've been dumping my clothes in the charity bin with abandon. The above is what I have left.

Apart form this stuff, which is what is left in my wardrobe when everything grey, black and purple is taken out.

I have got the hang of neither focus nor exposure. Focus because it appears that the lens has none, and exposure because I haven't had to think about exposure for, well, ever.
I'll get there though. I bought it because it's so much lighter than either of my other lenses which I couldn't really face carrying around Noo York when I'm out exploring. N is very amused that we've spent £(toomany)thousands on crystal clear, super sharp, very fast lenses (and effing heavy) over the last couple of years and now I'm buying £30 plastic lenses that aren't sharp or clear or even very easy to get a picture out of.


  1. I am really feeling that mummy cow. And seeing as how I have no eye or expertise whatsoever I will limit myself to saying that I love the colours of smooching too.

    How clean is your car?! I'm such a slovenly slattern, my father-in-law very pointedly cleaned ours over Easter. (Whoops. Does nothing to improve things, that.)

    Also, loving your wardrobe. I need to make some offloading trips to the charity shops as well, me.

  2. The camera is very interesting, but I must say I very much approve of your wardrobe. I have moved a lot in the past few years, leaving behind a lot that's still packed up in boxes and I've somehow come to live with only a scant amount of clothing - and it somehow works for me!

  3. My favourite photo is the hairy coo -- he looks amazing! I also love the fluffy white ball cow! It's great to give yourself a few constraints to operate within, especially for something you do as a living. I'm learning letterpressing, which gives me a whole new appreciation for working with what you've got in terms of typography. I'm sure it's the same with Diana!

  4. Super-cute piccie of you and the boy!

    It really is the film and developing isn't it. I've just bought a job lot of gorgeous little box cameras and Brownies from about 1960 for the wedding. I should test them. But it will cost £50+... eep.

    So why am I trying to convince myself that I really *need* a Holga and a Mamiya/Rollei MF TLR?! Silly woman. I neeeeeed them though. Need them bad style.

  5. i've thought about getting one of those and haven't made the commitment yet.

    love the cow shots especially.

  6. I got completely distracted by the whole ham crisp thing. I just had to go google them.

  7. COWS WIF BANGS! COWS WIF BANGS! And a little cow. Who prolly LOWS. Is it a lowing cow?

    I only took hand luggage to the U.K. and Paris for six weeks and was so glad I hadn't brought more along.

  8. One day please take me to visit the cows wif bangs.

  9. I have the same camera-and the same problem :/

  10. How interesting -- I had never heard of the digital adapters. And there's definitely a benefit to being able to see your results immediately. Last time I shot a roll on my Holga and finally remembered to bring it to the camera store for processing, they accidentally developed it as 35 mm (rectangular instead of square). Wasn't worth taking it back and complaining, but what a waste! And now I'm afraid to take any photos because I don't know where to get them developed.... Ah, film.

    Anyway, I think your photos will be great. And have a wonderful trip!!!

  11. Oh I love the mummy cow picture. Have a lovely, lovely time in NYC. I do miss pizza and good Cuban food - please have some for me!

  12. Baby cows, M&S crisps and wedding music... glorious!

    Also you are so brave taking just hand luggage. I wish I was that cool. I just pile Everything I Might Ever Need into a big case and make Nate carry it.

  13. Oooh lovely baby cows! I went to visi the lambs when I was home, they were adorable.

    Also- I saw this and thought of you immediately! baby bunny!

  14. I never really got the attraction of cows until I saw hairy cows. Say Moo from me

    Veggie Peonies vs Ham crips?

  15. I do realise that it is just ham flavouring - I'm not a complete idiot I just come across that way some how. x

  16. that is a great idea, i didnt know they made those adapters. though i have a sony dslr, so i doubt one exists (i guess i should have gotten a nikon). I have my first two rolls to develop from my new diana mini, and i hope it works out! i have read horror stories about the film not coming out right ... i will cross my fingers.

    your photos look great though, the adapter really does the trick!

  17. love the coos - hope you spoke to them politely in their own language.
    "Moo to you too!"

  18. we've got the same bed spread! sha-zam. i knew i liked you:)

    great images. give it time with the diana, i have a friend who took ages to really get the hang of it:)

  19. holy crap! these look so amazing! i need a camera--- and a diana lenz!!!!!!

  20. you guys are so crazy with your hang luggage only! celia did the same for europe.

    i am inspired.

    waitwaitwait. i am sure you will get the hang of the diana, but do you mean to tell me it is the only lense you plan on bringing to new york?

    oh, wait. you are shooting a wedding. of course not. just the only one for carrying around. that is ok, cause if you change your mind you can. <3

  21. I would so love to know which songs you have on your wedding CDs! Care to share?

  22. i love this post. i think it's time for me to start purging. i have no room in my tiny closet for all the clothes that i don't wear but i swear i might want/need at some point that it is overflowing.
    and, i love the pics with the diana.

  23. Sheesh, your wardrobe makes me look like a great big wardrobe slut... I have at least 5 times as much clothes, and that's after my successful 6 months hiatus and very sparing shopping in the latter 6 months! Feel like your approach is easier, saner, but I get emotionally attached so unless something is completely destroyed / way too small, it stays, and I wear it. Like, once a year?


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