Tuesday, May 25, 2010

birds on the subway

Since getting back we have:

collected our bunny, who is now affectionate (my gran either broke his spirit or replaced him with a friendlier specimen).
Camped out in our flat which has next to no furniture, but now has really beautiful floorboards (which the aforementioned rabbit refuses to walk on)
Spent a WHOLE WEEKEND at weddings, 26 hours out of 48.
Spent two days asleep following the above.
Bemoaned the fact that our farmer's market does not have beds of peonies in which to roll. Rejoiced in the fact that our farmer's market does have carrots. And onions.
Tried to recreate a meal made for us by N's brother (futile)
Missed cupcakes. And cheesecake and doughnuts and pancakes (American ones no less) and Amanda.
Compared the local dog population to that of New York (different. We have less weird shit but better mongrels)

*birds on the subway, by me.