Tuesday, June 08, 2010


We're just back from a long weekend Up North where we were visiting my family and helping my mummy move house.

For those who were following my twitter conversation with Lauren about the joys of Countdown, the aforementioned mother would like it noted for the record that when I say:

'every day forever my family have recorded it, watched it before bed & paused it when the letters appear til everyone has a word'*

by 'my family' I mean 'my Grandparents' and that she has never willingly watched an episode of Countdown in her life. She has however, as has every member of our family, watched many hundreds of them unwillingly.

I say 'unwillingly', but I kind of hate and kind of love The Countdown Routine. Yes, it's weird and slightly annoying and no, I would never watch it outwith my Grandparent's house, but it's our weird and slightly annoying thing. One of those Family Things that makes you want to hide your head under a sofa cushion but you're not sure if it would be so no one can hear you scream or so no one can see you laugh. Every family has one of those, right?

*(thus dragging the already tedious task of watching a Whole Damn Episode to epic proportions)

**said Grandparents and three eldest grandchildren (including one small blond me) circa 1987