Friday, June 25, 2010

tadpoles and toes

An aside from panics and fears and big stuffs.
Some pictures from a week or so in the life of me, him, them and the rabbit. Just to remind myself that life is really quite wonderful, however many panics and fears there are.

Duvet time with the wabbit. He looks like he disapproves but he loves duvet time more than carrots and cardboard boxes.

N tadpole spotting in our not-so-local-but-very-big-and-has-horses park. We go twice a week to see if they've grown legs yet. Legs seems like an awful big milestone and we don't want to miss it.

BABY CHINCHILLA!! No, not wild in our local park (we live in Scotland people). But there is a greenhouse with a selection of creepies and crawlies and scalies and one or two fluffies. I love the fluffies best.

The whole family (I'm wearing shorts, promise. You just can't see them over my great big belly). This sums up our little family at the moment; N looks serious while he researches something (wallpapering, plastering, tiling, pushchair suspension) on the internet, I contemplate how much longer I will be able to see my toes and the rabbit looks on suspiciously.

N and I got all fancied up (ie, we showered) last week to go for afternoon tea. We were given a voucher for a swanky cafe for our first wedding anniversary. It's about 8 weeks from our second.

It's been so warm and stuffy and our tap water is coming out at room temperature so every night I've been filling a glass bottle with water and putting it in the fridge. Last night I could smell fresh mint in the kitchen so I shoved some in. Then I thought some lime would be nice with that. It was only when I was checking to see if we had ice cubes I realised I was subconsciously trying to turn my bottle of water into a mojito.