Tuesday, July 20, 2010


N: oh, you've got a flower on your head.
C: yeah, it's to distract people's eyes from the bump.

N: (puzzled silence, quizzical expression)

C: people see a pregnant photographer at a wedding and they look straight at their stomach. This way they'll be distracted. And as the bump gets bigger I'll put a bigger flower on my head.

N: (puzzled silence, bemused expression)

C: (frustrated) you know, to balance it out.

N: Yeah. I don't think that's going to work.

*me, our wedding, by The Boy.


  1. Ha!

    When I was about your stage of pregnant I was selling liquid nitrogen to semiconductor guys. I thought I was hiding my pregnancy by wearing big-shouldered 80's jackets. When I finally told one of my customers, "I'm pregnant, and will be taking maternity leave," he looked at me like I was completely off my rocker and said, "I noticed."

  2. This is why I love you.

  3. :) You guys are my favourite.

    But seriously, bumps are mesmerising. (Which is to say, I think N might be right.)

  4. Ha!

    Reminds me of when I was 13, cursed with a mouthful of braces and I convinced myself that if I used extremely heavy blue eyeliner that people would be less likely to notice my mouth. So I ended up with a whole face-full of crazy. Ah, 13.

    Your belly and flower are infinitely more lovely. The guests will adore you.

  5. you are a hilarious girl. i love reading these little exchanges.

  6. I want to see your 9 month flower :)

  7. Something like this will probably be necessary - http://mymodernvintagewedding.blogspot.com/2009/05/big-arse-hair-flower.html

  8. makes perfect sense to me! boys!

    that picture is so beautiful..

  9. Hey, I left you an award on my blog!

  10. @Rosalie that sounds so naughty in my head!

  11. I'm with Rosalie. Instead of blogging pictures of your bump like everyone else does, you should blog a series of head-flowers. It would be awesome.

  12. Do the make a flower big enough to distract from my butt? No? Hell.

  13. Lovely picture, lovely flower, and lovely post, but unfortunately I think Nye has a point :-)

    (Just bought the greatest maternity clothes on sale (of obscure Dutch or Belgian origin), really excited, I'd love nothing more than show them to you right now, why aren't you closer?)


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