Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I like you

I like you lots.

I like you for all of your suggestions for places to buy prints.

I especially like those of you who said they would put Lolita up in a nursery too (fear not my inappropriate friends for we shall be inappropriate together).

But. The Boy kind of trumped me when he suggested that maybe I read Lolita before I decide whether or not it's appropriate for a nursery. And bugger me if he didn't have a point. And if he didn't just win his argument right there and then, knowing as he does my issues with Russian literature (my issue being unfathomable mind wondering & bewilderment no more than 20 pages in). He knows this because he's been telling me to read Crime and Punishment for 6 years and every time I say 'yeah, maybe once I've finished {insert less bewildering book here. Or if we're being honest, insert 're-reading Harry Potter' here}'

(Did I ever tell you that when I met The Boy he had like a million hamsters? And that they were all named after characters from Crime and Punishment? Except for the ones he named Fatty and Attack Hamster. And I rechristened them Mavis and Maude.)

So no Lolita in the nursery. I wanted the butt sniffing print but he said it was horrible, which was quite the shock. I'd been about to buy him the t-shirt version. I really thought that he would like it. Who knew that art work would be such a reliable source of disagreement between us? Apart from that fucking awful POÄNG chair and the flowery teacups, we generally agree on most things house-related.

And so the search continues. But it is made easier by you with your suggestions. If we were dogs I would totally sniff your butts. Because I like you.

*I Like You print by Gemma Correll on Society6 (as recommended by Hannah)