Wednesday, July 14, 2010

not the damn birds again

I started copying this mobile a few weeks ago. Now that the world cup's over and we're putting the tv away again until winter I need something to do with my evenings. Although mostly I've been sleeping with my evenings. As soon as I finish working I have 'a quick lie down', which turns into a 2 hour nap, then N wakes me and feeds me (he's a good one) and I go back to bed where I sleep for another 12 hours.

Which would be why I've only made one bird so far, a test bird. So called because it looks not unlike a malformed sea lion and a lot unlike a bird. I try not to lose heart and remind myself that test birds one through to three for my last bird project bore a marked resemblance to Casper the friendly ghost.

*picture from greyhood, via vintage simple