Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Project House and Marital Discord.

Project Make House Habitable is coming along really well, every day we stand and stare at a bit that's finished and say exactly the same things (which are really boring things that will interest no one) in awe of the fact that's SOMETHING IS ACTUALLY FINISHED(ish).

On Monday we painted our kitchen alcove/eating nook the most beautiful shade of grey (it's called Elephant's Breath, it's so pretty) and now we need a print for above the table. We also need a table. And chairs. But priorities people.

We want something super bright, something yellow or pink or orange, something bright enough to make your eyes tingle a little. Something like these...

(except the last one wouldn't work in the kitchen and I want to put it in the nursery)

We agree that the 50 ft woman is amazing and we must have her, but I'm not sure I want to eat under her every day. And then we reach marital discord.

N claims he 'doesn't know enough' about Brigitte to be sure if he wants a poster of her in our house. While 'she had great hair and THE POSTER'S THE RIGHT COLOUR' seem like perfectly convincing reasons to me they're not enough for him.

And apparently Lolita is 'inappropriate' for a nursery. WTF? I say he's just plain wrong. But apparently that sort of reasoning isn't allowed in marriage and we have to make a decision that we're both happy with. Again, WTF?

I think we've exhausted All Posters repertoire so what I want to know is where else should we look? Where can we find prints and posters online that are a little different? We're thinking graphic design, typography, films and books and music. Not so much with the photography, we will buy that straight from photographers.

Thanks chickens.