Monday, September 06, 2010

She *really* hearts flowers

You might remember a while back when I started pimping my girl Sophie? She was starting her business, I Heart Flowers, and was looking for guys and girlies who were getting married to help her build her portfolio. Well that portfolio is BUILT, and it's shit hot.

Now my lady is looking for guys and girlies who are getting married next year and as she has really loved working with the ones that have come to her through lil old Peonies and Polaroids I thought maybe it was time to ask y'all again: are you getting married in the UK and looking for a sweet, sweet florist lady? Yes? I know just the girl....

Confession: when I wrote about Soph way back in February I had no idea whether she could do weddings or not. I knew she could do bouquets of roses and teddy bears made from carnations and all that other day-to-day-when-you-work-for-another-florist stuff but a whole wedding? All by herself? I was just guessing that she would be pretty good at it when I told you to hire her (I know, my bad).

Well it turns out that she's amazing. An awe-inspiring, flower dynamo. Every time N and I leave a wedding where we've just photographed her flowers we turn to each other in wonderment and say 'WOW, she is good.' Not that we ever thought she wouldn't be, just that knowing someone with that much skill is kind of dazzling.

And it's not just us, there are brides and grooms all over the place saying the exact same thing. And other things too, things like "I don't know how you knew exactly what we wanted when we didn't even know" and "you turned a bunch of crappy emailed ideas into the perfect flowers for our wedding" and "thank you! You're amazing!" and and and...

These are just a handful of the wedding flowers that Sophie has done this summer, just the ones that we were lucky enough to photograph. Every wedding that she's done that I haven't been able to get all cosy with the flowers has been like a poke in the eye with a sharp stick and I get a mean sort of jealous about the photographer who does get to photograph them. Really. It's a little weird and possessive but what can I say? I like being Soph's photographer and I kind of like playing Bride with the bouquet when I get the chance.

So really. If you're getting married in the UK (or if you're getting married somewhere else but you really really love my girlie and you want to pay for her to come to your wedding and create flowery magic) this time I can seriously recommend her. She is AMAZING.
Find her here and email her at

* And can I make this more about me for a moment? Just a moment? Thanks. Those three pictures of the pink rose and lavendar bouquets? They were taken in OUR HOUSE! That's right, we painted some walls and hung up a picture and took some furniture out of storage and went and finished a room, right here in this building site of ours. And it feels so. damn. good.


  1. Oh, congrats on finishing a room! Looks very fine, from what can be seen :D

    And... omg an awesome Scottish florist! Very, very cool. When I get married, again, to Ewan MacGregor, I'm totally hiring her :D

  2. Oh the prettiness!

    Yay Scottish talent!

  3. If I wasn't so very DONE getting married, you know you'd be photographing her awesome floweriness all up in my space.

    And hurrah for a finished room! And furniture. It looks beautiful.

  4. these are so marv that i can't stand it. it almost makes me wish i was getting married. likethisclose

  5. Gorgeous flowers and beautiful photos. We have that print/poster on our stairs. Looks a fuck of a lot better in a frame though. I think I might have to frame mine before it's too late...

    Yay for finished houses btw. Fab news.

  6. All of those flowers are breathtaking gorgeous. Wish I could hire your friend.

    And congratulations on finishing that room. It must feel so good to start to feel like it's a home.

  7. She IS really good and i can't wait for her to do our wedding next june!!!
    Hope you are keeping well & enjoy A&F's wedding on friday :)

  8. oh hey it's my wedding! She is awesome, and comes highly recommended by this satisfied bride. Loved working with her.

  9. WOW, what beautiful flowers! She really is amazing. I will add her to my recommendations. X

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for letting me know Sophie. She's been an endless inspiration for me (who's aspiring to do the same) ever since. I mean, what talent!!!

    And yay, big progress in the house!

  11. May have to check her out... haven't even considered flowers! (Yes I'm a bit odd I know!)

  12. That large arrangement and the centerpiece on moss is to die for.

  13. I spy my flowers! Sophie did our wedding a couple of weeks ago and i cannot emphasize how amazing she was enough - they were gorgeous, exactly what i wanted and she also improvised amazingly - my father in law brought us half a thistle plant and since i was crazy busy i just gave them to her and basically said "do something" and she did - making everything look amazing. She is lovely too, which always helps!

  14. Wow! Gorgeous gorgeous. We're actually getting married in the US next month, but we're going to have a service in the UK for my husband-to-be's family and friends, since that's where he's from. I'll be sure to keep I heart flowers in mind!!


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