Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things no one tells you about pregnancy, 5

It's not quite a football, but it's More of a croissant perhaps.

*thanks to Marie-Ève for sending me to the above post. Do you read Marie-Ève? You should. She's wise and witty and she writes proper posts (particularly about pregnancy and motherhood) that you know, have more than one sentence and provoke thoughts and teach you stuff. As opposed to just sharing fun facts about nipple texture and engorged vaginas. She's also expecting a little girl in just a few weeks, a little girl to join her little boy LP (which doesn't stand for Little Person by the way) and has been, along with Cate, my pregnancy guru and hand holder.

** yes, I'm still here and I'm still pregnant. And still really quite pissed off about that. Last week I thought I might be having babies but it turned out I was having a kidney infection instead.