Friday, March 04, 2011

Flying solo

aviator bunnies

Nye: "It's only one day. 8 hours in fact. It'll be fine. We've managed to keep them alive for 4 months."

Me: "yes, and what if Soph undoes all that hard work in one day?" pause. "Alternatively, we've managed to keep Soph alive for 5 years, what if they undo all that hard work*??"

We have our first wedding in six months today. I'm excited. And terrified. I'm actually more worried about Sophie than the babies, they'll be fine. It turns out that babies aren't actually that breakable. Adults though? Adults can be driven to the brink relatively easily, and these two know it.

Luckilly Sophie is about as chilled as it gets, if anyone can survive unscathed it's her.

And yet. I still can't get the image of us getting home this evening to find Widdle and Puke strapped into their car seats with a post it stuck to Widdle saying 'Sorry, couldn't cope, gone home.' out of my head.

*some other people have helped. A little.