Monday, March 14, 2011

Pot Belly and The Receding Hairlines

Nye and I have long-running disagreements about what makes the crappiest wedding band:

(sample conversation at a wedding:

N: This is the worst band yet
C: Nah, remember the guys at X&Y's wedding?
N: (incredulous) No way were they worse
C: were too. )

I would like your input:

What is more offensive? A band who sing out of tune and play their instruments badly or a 'band' who sing in tune and pretend to play their instruments while actually using karaoke tracks?*

And let's not even talk about bands who touch the wedding photographer inappropriately, ok? Although if anyone has any ideas for how to deal with such a situation without starting a brawl at someone's wedding, I'm all ears.

* of course it's all irrelevant if they can actually make British people dance. In that case who cares if they sound like they've never actually heard Brown Eyed Girl?

photos by Lillian and Leonard (aka, us)