Monday, April 25, 2011

les vacances

 We had a very good time ...
I need your help lovers.  We have just booked our first vacances en famille (get me with google traslator), we're spending two weeks in the south of France with Nye's parents. Whether or not this is wise is debatable but who can resist family in the south of France? 

While we're there Nye and I are going to leave the bubs with his parents and go to the coast for a couple of days by ourselves.  A COUPLE OF DAYS BY OURSELVES PEOPLE.  AND NOT EVEN AT A WEDDING.  (Sorry about the shouting, but you know...)

The thing is, we don't know where to go.  N's parent's live pretty much in the middle, about an hour from the sea, so the whole south coast is open to us.  Do we go east, towards the beautiful people?  Or west, towards the Spaniards?  (I'm sorry, that was rude. I actually think the Spanish are very beautiful. I'm just pale and jealous.)

We are looking for:
  • a small town or villiage
  • right by the sea
  • where we can swim
  • and eat good food
  • and stay in a small, possibly slightly run-down, rather cheap, family-owned type of a hotel type of thing.
  • (where the people aren't too beautiful)

Do you have any recommendations?  Because really, we don't have a damn clue where to start. Thanks loves. 

* photograph courtesy of Berta.