Tuesday, April 12, 2011


God the internet is wonderfully odd.

(thanks Chloe)

* photo by unknown photographer, via Buzzfeed.


  1. odd things are my fave.

  2. Oh, dear.

    Was it you, Naurnie, that was sharing crazy, older videos? *shudder* I still have nightmares about the spineless sisters.

    As odd as all of that is, my friend could not find a picture of Uncle Sam (the American variety) wrestling with a viking. I guess as odd as that is, it's also incredibly specific.

  3. what? it makes sense to me. ;)

    *scratches head*

  4. Random question: were you London Colney yesterday shopping in Sainsburys?? There was a woman with your glasses, your fine features and pushing a buggy of twin girls that I thought looked just like you, but I thought asking would just be ODD too!!

  5. the smoking children are extra odd, but the half-dressed soldier with the cat on his head, he is my favourite odd-ball!

  6. Ah! I thought that was a live fox at first until I couldn't find the rest of its body
    The best things in life are odd :)

  7. Wonderfully odd, indeed. I had an "omg" moment when I arrived to your blog today!

  8. The kid in number ten's face is just hilarious.

    These are a very amusing (and creepy) variety of odd. hm.

  9. this brought me a lot of joy, and some serious "ok, the websites you tell me to check out are actually pretty amazing" cred. my favorite is the boy and the watermelon, and the two tall men and the little man boy.


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