Friday, April 15, 2011

sub-clause 7b

Sub-clause 7b: DOGS

On such an occasion as a wedding-dog is promised that does not materialise, the photographers reserve the right to leave the event.

The provision of a four-course meal and local micro brew may reverse such a decision.

We are in full flow with the old wedding thing again. It's wonderful. No, really.

I love my babies and they're so much fun to be with but it's also quite fantastic to get out and use the photography bit of my brain again and to spend a day with Nye not being parents. Weird thing though: when we were trying to make babies and there was a baby at a wedding I would wistfully follow it around all day. I thought it was because I WANTED one. Now that I have one two, I still wistfully follow them around all day, desperate for a cuddle and a chat and to just soak in the cuteness. Turns out I'm obsessed.

* 1920s wedding photo via Alan Knocker