Thursday, May 05, 2011

Six months.

Six months old.  Today.  Six months. 

That's half a year.  HALF A YEAR. 

I don't really know how that happened. Much like I don't really know how we had no babies and now we have twins. Life is weird like that. 

There are so many things that I haven't told you yet.  I haven't told you about when they were born, about how I was induced, fell asleep, woke up 8 hours later to pee and discovered I was having a baby RIGHT THEN. How Ella popped out before I'd even realised I was in labour.  How 2 hours and 3 litres of blood (all over the walls) later and with 12 people standing watching, Amelia was encouraged out butt-first. How she was a little floppy and distinctly blue and was sent to live in a plastic tub for 5 days.  How those 5 days that I spent in hospital were the worst ever.

I haven't told you about the seven cirlces of hell that is trying to breastfeed twins or how my bones have changed shape. I haven't told you about how we cope day to day with two babies and one business and how routine is the absolute, unequivicol key. I haven't told you about how Nye does so much more than his fair share and how I haven't had to stay up through the night once since they were 5 days old because my husband decided the day that we got home that that was his job.

I haven't told you about Ella and Amelia.  That they are so very different. That by some twist of fate we have found ourselves with one baby that looks just like me and another that is quite definitely a small Nye creature. That we call them Ellapod and Ammiechoo. That one tries ever so hard at everything, that life seems to come a whole lot easier to the other. That already they are my best people in the world. ever.

But I will.  One day. 
In the meantime, six months.  Thank you for being there.  

* yes, there are a whole lot of shitty camera-phone pictures going on on this blog these days. You're going to have to get over that. I have two babies and no time.
* for those who asked, the photo take with 'polandroid' on the retro camera app. I recently got my first camera phone and I'm So. Effing. Excited by it. I tried a few androidy camera apps and Retro Camera was by far the best one. They are not paying me to say this. But I'm open to gifts. Just saying.