Wednesday, May 18, 2011

small bear

just before the babies were born we bought a tiny video camera. We used it intermittently through the first 12 weeks. And then we didn't.  Last night we finally dug it out and sat and watched all the tiny little snippets of our first few weeks together, and Oh. My. God.  TWO BABIES. 

At the time we were so overwhelmed but now we can see that they were just Amelia and Ella. Just as they are now but smaller, more confused, but essentially the same.  Ella watches while Ammie vents her frustration the only way she knows how, by crying and waving her tiny little hands around.  And then she stops and frowns.  My girl. 

And a lot of the time they sleep.  This is my favourite.  It's my bear, my Ella bear, asleep. And around the world hearts explode. 

(nothing happens. If you're waiting for something to happen, it doesn't. It's just 29 seconds of sleeping bear.)