Monday, May 09, 2011

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Like I said in my update to my last post, I got myself my very first camera phone last month. I'm inordinately in love with it. Yes I'm a photographer, yes I have big fancy cameras that cost A Lot Of Money and yes I shouldn't really love crappy, small, clichéd vintage-effect jpegs, but I do.  Snapping away over the last month has satisfied me in a way that taking photos with my big ole' SLR hasn't done for years. 
The phone I bought is...well....let's just say it's no iphone.  The camera's pretty rubbish.  But I downloaded an app called Retro Camera which I love. It has 5 different camera options and makes pretty decent little pictures.  I particularly love the polandroid and pinhole features.  Sure they don't quite have that magic something that actual polaroid or pinhole pics do but equally they don't cost me £1.50 each or take hours to set up and process.  So I'm sold.  

Legal Shiz: Whoever made Retro Phone app isn't paying me for this post.  No one ever pays me for posts and I will never accept payment or products in return for writing posts.  However I have absolutely no issues with accepting thank you gifts. Just saying.  

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