Wednesday, June 29, 2011

where we been and where we going

We've been home. ('Home' being the island I grew up on. I still call it 'home' even though it's not any more.)There was boats and sea and fishing and eating fishes and walking in the woods and lots of little girls in a bath and catching up with friends and making our brains ache trying to think of a way that we could live there and still do what we do.   
Tomorrow we are going to London. Where maybe we want home to be. It's all very confusing. There will be trains and cafes and Italian food and my first ever hen party and a house with a garden and catching up with friends.  
There probably won't be much blogging. But you're used to that by now.  
That whole 'weekly' thing didn't work out so well, huh?  In brief we are : busy, tired, barely seeing each other, photographing weddings (AMAZING weddings), travelling, exhausted.  The babies are: loud, rolling, trying to crawl (A), enjoying teeth (E), stealing (and eating) post it notes, throwing food, scowling.
* photos by the boy.