Monday, July 25, 2011


Plage de collioure

Thank you all so much for your suggestions on somewhere to escape to while we're in the South of France this summer. Due to overwhelming recommendations in its favour and being easily influenced we have decided on 3 nights in Collioure (which incidentally my father in law says isn't very nice. Incidentally, we're choosing to ignore him) and wondered if the peeps who suggested it might also suggest a hotel for us to stay in. You know, as opposed to doing our own holiday research.  
photo by Doume73 


  1. i got nothing. i'm over way farther east by nice. but have fun! the mediterranean is beautiful[as if you didn't already know :)]

  2. Hey - good choice - it gets busy but it is lovely and you can always escape to one of the quieter coves along the coast. Can't recommend it as such as we were camping,but we had a drink in this place which is also a hotel and it had a cool bar area with loads of old paintings - have a look at the site... no idea on price or anything though.... have a great time. ps. i like your style - I need to crack on with my blog if only to get holiday tips from loads of people! Laura

  3. oof, so jealous! wet and cold in sydney...enjoy :)

  4. hey there.

    i've never been to that area in France, so i have zero suggestions.... for anything.... but that doesn't stop me popping in and saying, hey.


  5. Oh yay! We're staying here Never stayed there before (we are poshing-up this visit - usually go in our campervan) Looks nice though, we are v. excited.

  6. Rooms look a little chintzy though.


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