Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a magic house

"The ordinary and the extraordinary exist side by side in Isabelle Puech's Paris apartment – a converted carousel workshop in the 9th arrondissement, where merry-go-round horses were once repaired. A stuffed crocodile stands guard in the hallway, and an ostrich skeleton, animal hoofs and austere oil paintings are displayed in the living area." 
Fiachra Gibbons, guardian.co.uk,

A converted carousel worshop! 

9th arrondissement! 
Merry-go-round horses!
A stuffed crocodile! 
(where does one buy a stuffed crocodile? John Lewis?)

' Photograph: Camera Press/MCM/Christophe Dugied


  1. Dreamy ! Made me think of that movie... The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus or like it was taken out of some Julio Cortazar story :)

  2. Where does one buy a stuffed crocodile? On ebay, for about £250 apparently....did I tell you about this years big trend in taxidermy at weddings?

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