Thursday, July 14, 2011


Wedding wise, this summer has been off-the-charts amazing.  We've been lucky that every summer since we started this thing we have worked with fun, joyful, inspiring couples who had incredible, heartfelt weddings, but this summer.... wow. It's been one shit-hot day after another after another. And speeches. I think that there have been 6 speeches in the history of weddings that have made me laugh and 4 of them have been this summer.  Do you know what sort of rare that is? And the food!  People just. keep. feeding. us. It's AMAZING!  I like to think that it's coming through in our photography, that we're getting better all the time but maybe that's just the cake talking. 
Said weddings are here, if you're interested in giving us your highly respected opinion. If not it's no biggie. I understand. Not everyone loves a wedding. 

* photographs by Lillian and Leonard, aka us.  


  1. There was a night not too long ago, when I lay in bed, tossing and turning, unable to sleep, thinking: I'll never be as good as Lillian and Leonard. I think you guys may have gotten even better since then (it's not just the cake).

  2. These are gorgeous. I wish I'd known about you two before my wedding.

    Also, I'm not really on twitter so I can't join in there, but I just saw your convo about facebook and photo ownership - facebook does indeed own any photos that you upload (which is why I'm mystified by the pros who use it). I wanted to tell you just in case that's ever relevant for you.

  3. I love the pics of the bride and groom walking in the streets together.
    The post it note "beware of the dress" is great.
    Beautiful pictures.

  4. You are totally getting better all the time. You guys are incredible. I think as the years go on, the kinds of couples that really gel with you guys are discovering you, and so you're finding that you can create even more magic with them. It's very inspiring to watch!

  5. I spent ages last night looking at all your wonderful wedding photographs, what a joy!!! - LOVED every one!
    I've now bookmarked both your cool blogs and if ever either of my daughters decide to tie the knot then it'll definitely be you guys who get to record the happy day!

  6. Sounds like a perfect summer! Weddings are so much fun, especially when you get to stuff your face :)

  7. Your pictures are just amazing... and it's not the cake talking... you ARE great and improving ;)

  8. You really are getting better & better. (Amazinger and amazinger, really.)


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