Wednesday, August 24, 2011

free admission.

If only. Those fuckers want blood. 
We're still dreaming of a New York wedding that will actually work out. We've had two amazing enquiries recently but neither of them were meant to be. The thing is, since we had all the babies work needs to pay. Work also needs to give us a little warning. I'm prone to forgetting this but luckily I have a Very Sensible husband who reminds me of these things when I'm all 'let's do it for free!' 'let's go to New York next week!'. Not to mention; 'Norway's not that expensive, right?' 
Whilst I'm asking the universe for things wedding related: I would like a Caribbean wedding please. And a Sikh wedding too. With a little warning. And a photography budget bigger than 'none, but we have very nice friends, you will love our wedding.'  
It doesn't hurt to ask.

*chalkboard by Dana Tanamachi, via Happiness Is.