Friday, August 26, 2011

the seaside.

Earlier this month we went to London. It started off with photographing a wedding which morphed into a holiday, and then it went.... wrong
So one morning when we got up and we wanted to go home and the options were either to pack or to not pack and I was supposed to be working and Nye hadn't slept for a week I said 'fuck it, let's go to the seaside. If we still want to go home when we get back, then we'll pack.' And so that's what we did.
It helped.  We stayed. For a little longer at least. 
We're going away again today, for a wedding and to visit my family. When we get back we're home for three weeks and then we're going to France. People ask whether you can still travel with babies and it would seem that yes, yes you can. Whether you should is a different matter altogether.