Sunday, September 04, 2011

the last day.

On our last day in London we went to Kew Gardens. Notice how none of my pictures are of plants.  (The plants there are very nice though.) Instead we enjoyed what we knew would be our last lazy day together as a family for Quite Some Time. We walked and we talked, we carried Ammie who was Very Unhappy. We spotted planes (not hard, they fly 8 inches over your head every 3 bloody minutes), we admired eucalyptus and grass, fishes and crabs, we rolled and we lay and we delighted in a lack of dog poo and cigarette butts. We ate left over anniversary cake from Konditor and Cook, we rolled our eyes at the old people who were extraordinarily mean.  We smelled the roses and chased the peacocks, climbed spiralling staircases and looked down on a jungley world. 

 (photos by both of us.)