Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Do you pin? I pin. I pin like Madeleine Albright (to quote the inimitable Kidchamp.) I've even added a little Pinterest linky button whatsit over on the right there. (look! It's a pinboard! It's clever AND pretty.)

I know I'm a bit late to this party but I'm still hearing an awful lot of 'I don't really get pinterest' which sounds an awful lot like 'I don't really get my VCR.' In other words Dudes! IT'S NOT COMPLICATED. Pinterest is a place for keeping track of things you like and things you find weird and things you think other people might like. Or it's an enormous black hole of things other people like, which is mostly grotesquely sickening recipes (white chocolate salted caramel cupcake,cookie dough truffles anyone?) and diet 'inspiration' (read: Starvation Motivation).

It's both a place for you to keep virtual pinboards of things you like and a place for you to browse things that other people like. Which is both wonderful and awful. Wonderful because there are people out there with very good taste (and some with TOTALLY insane taste, which is amusing), awful because there are a lot of people out there with very good taste and one can lose hours, days weeks lost in that shit.

I try to avoid too much browsing of other people's pins and keep it as a place to save pictures and gubbins that I like. Which becomes interesting when one looks back on one's pins after a few weeks and discovers what it is that one likes.

It seems that I mostly like:



things with boats on


sexy men with babies. 


and rabbits


There are rules though. When you pin something it links to the page that you found it on. If that page is the front page of someone's blog then that link is not going to stay very useful when that someone updates their blog. SO. Either take 3 seconds to open the actual blog post that the thing is in or even better, if it's not that blog's original content then click through to whoever made it and pin it from there. Then when other people click on your pins they are taken to a link that is actually useful and credit is given where credit is due. Okay? Okay.