Tuesday, October 11, 2011

my ladies.

My ladies what are amazing and what inspire me and what I love and what live toofuckingfaraway


C has opened a vintage clothes shop, not just any vintage clothes shop, a beautiful vintage clothes shop. In fact (if I may make a confession) I don't actually like vintage clothes (I know, bad blogger) They smell funny and are usually made of fabric that will catch fire faster than you can say "naked flame". BUT, I kind of want C's whole, beautiful, colour coordinated shop, especially this and this and this, lady has beautiful taste, knows her shit and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't let me wear something that would cause third degree burns. 

ESB finally went public what some of us have known for ages, she's a real person (srsly), her name is L------ and she makes films. I honestly don't know if I'm prouder of her for making a film (a real, actual film) or for coming out. All Ages premi√®red at the Vancouver Film Festival on Friday and it's showing again on Thursday at 1.30pm. If you're lucky enough to be in the area you should definitely go and see it. I would, in a heartbeat. I'd also probably cry, which she wouldn't like at all. 

3. Jamie

So I have this daydream. N and I aren't married yet. So we take our babies, we buy some stripy dresses,  killer heels and a suit that fits and we hop on a plane to Vegas. We get married by Johnny Cash. Celia and esb are the witnesses, Amanda and Meg hold the babies and Jamie takes the photos. I know it's not cool to fantasise about repeating your wedding but this daydream is the best, so sue me. Anyway, there's a point to this. While my Vegas wedding isn't going to happen (unless..... no), Jamie is teaming up with her lady Michelle to shoot a wedding. FOR FREE. Seriously, two amazing photographers, for free. So if you're getting married sometime between now and mid-2012 have a look here and do your best to get yourself some of this awesome. Extra points for weddings that involve twins, stripes, Johnny Cash and more bloggers than you can shake a stick at. 


  1. Those are some pretty rad ladies you have there.

  2. Being married by Johnny Cash? Why not?

  3. I fantasize bout repeating/reliving/running from my wedding regularly! Only because out of the 47 who attended I knew 7 of em... So go girl...

  4. I would be honored to hold a baby.

  5. you're a lucky lady x

  6. this wedding idea sounds quite fab. get a divorce NOW, and i'm certain we can make it all a reality.

    also, i love you heaps.

  7. i think you just put my name on your blog


  9. i just posted 3 comments in a row

  10. I will hold a baby.

    And soon a book too. CRAZY ALL THE THINGS HAPPENING.

  11. FOUR, esb.

    lets do this thing.

    and thank you.

    and what company.


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