Saturday, October 29, 2011


Yesterday I was at Soph's house and we were looking at pictures of us when we were 18. 'Awwww! We were so young!", "oh I loved those earrings", "I can't believe you used to go to that skanky-assed nightclub". Fun fun, smile smile.

 And then as I was sitting down on the sofa (one of those low-slung ones, for students) after looking at the album... crunch. "OUCH. FUCK." 

My back. Buggered. By sitting on a sofa. I had to lie on the floor. I hurt my back sitting on a sofa and had to lie on the floor. I got home and had to lie on the floor some more. With a hot water bottle. 

Never mind the freckles and the sparkly jewellery layered upon sparkly jewellery and those eyes that didn't need bag cream under them*, putting your back out while sitting down on the sofa will truly make you feel like an old git. 

* I thought that maybe I still didn't need eye bag cream and that maybe I was just being silly using it until the day Nye, watching me put on my make up, said 'wow. That stuff really works.' Cheers love.

(anyone who tells me that I'm 26 and that I don't know what 'old' is will get poked in the eye with a sharp stick. I know that my back hurts and that it did not hurt when I was 18 and that's good enough for me.)