Tuesday, November 01, 2011


"Mortification, taken in slow motion, has phases: First you think you are going to die. Then when you realize that you are not, you wish somebody would kill you" 
Safari Mama, writing on A Practical Wedding.
Bag on head character

So. Damn. True.  

*picture by Ready Salted.  


  1. I love this...made me laugh as there have been so many times I have thought, "Please just kill me now!"

  2. Ah yes. I had a very similar i-thought-he-was-proposing experience, where I thought he was proposing at my birthday. He was dropping hints that made me think it was marriage (you'll use it every day, you'll need to sign papers, etc.) when it turns out he'd bought me driving lessons. I managed to hold it together for about 20 minutes before I burst into tears, then I cried for a day solid because I felt so mortified and disappointed. We went through two more years before he actually did propose, so I know all about that awkwardness!

  3. Absolutely. Just wish it didn't happen to me all the time.

  4. throwing up a little in your mouth is definitely one of the phases too.


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