Sunday, December 18, 2011

scenes from a marriage

I Can't Explain And I Won't Even Try

Scene: boy and girl walking in the park. Boy pushing double buggy, girl slipping around on ice, on verge of full blown panic attack. 

girl: agh! I'm going to fall over. I don't LIKE it.  
boy: you'll be fine.  
girl: that's not comforting. Will you catch me if I fall over?  
boy: I'll try 
girl: THAT'S NOT COMFORTING. Say 'don't worry Pix, I'll catch you if you fall over.' 
boy: don't worry Pix, I'll probably catch you if you fall over.  
girl: BLOODY HELL. I don't care if you actually catch me, I just need to hear you say you will. It's reassuring. 
boy: It's lying.  
girl: ohforfucksake. I'll just reassure myself shall I?  
boy: probably for the best.  
girl: fuck. 

*I Can't Explain and Won't Even Try by Stefan Bruggemann