Friday, February 17, 2012


for want of anything proper to say that isn't about babies (sometimes I think the blog needs a break from babies, lest it become a 'baby blog' and people who don't like baby blogs stop reading. If it already is a baby blog let's just let me live in blissful ignorance, okay? Thnx) here are some things that I have been pinning lately. I still love pinterest, going back and looking at what I have saved recently is like visiting some place where I dumped all of my fleeting thoughts to come back to later. I think we used to call those 'diaries', back when our thoughts were prompted by the real world and not the internet.)

If you follow me on twitter you will already know that I got a bicycle for my birthday (if you follow me on twitter you'll already know most of this, twitter is my other, less visual dumping ground for fleeting, inconsequential thoughts). It actually looks a lot like this bicycle but its basket is wicker. I fell in love with it instantly (I actually refer to it as 'her', but that's embarrassing) but I promised myself and Nye and you, that I wouldn't become a bicycle blogging bore. You know the ones I'm talking about. But just so you know, I'm saving my pennies for a pretty helmet and a shiny seat and probably a satchel thing and one day a fancy paint job. Okay, done. 
You will also know that I cut my hair. It was supposed to be like Debbie's but it's not. My hair won't do that messy thing. Also my hairdresser wouldn't let me have a fringe yet. I have all this weird, fluffy hair stuff ('hair', I believe it's called) growing out of my temples, apparently it's post-baby regrowth and isn't thick enough to make a fringe. He told me to come back in 6 months. The chances of me going back before a year is out are slim.  

I keep thinking about another baby. As if it's even possible. 

We have imparted a pocket money system in our house. Eyes widen when I tell people that Nye and I have £20 a month each to spend on things we want which we don't need. These shoes would be considered something I want that I don't need. If I don't buy anything else I will have enough for them by July. 

I miss my bunny. He lives far away with my mum now, because he's old now and she doesn't pull his ears, poke him in the eyes and eat his shit (that I know of.) I really miss him but I don't miss prying small poops out of Ella's hands. Anyway, I'm pretty sure he prefers her to us, she's a pretty excellent rabbit keeper. 

This picture is exactly what motherhood feels like to me. Except there's another small person clinging to my leg under the table in my motherhood. 

We have been shopping for rugs for our flat. Do you know how incredibly expensive rugs are? This one is so expensive they won't even tell you the price. From what I can gauge it's many many thousands of pounds. Who spends many many thousands of pounds on a rug that is both black and made from cashmere and silk? (remembering that rugs go on the floor and GET WALKED ON). Probably the same person who spends 95 quid on a shower curtain that can handle neither soap nor water. 

1. from Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler's bicycle portraits. 
2. Debbie Harry, 1976 by Bob Gruen
3. photograph of a Medical illustration book, by Strictly Vintage on etsy. 
4. Adventurous Bunny, by 'Amy', via Daily Bunny. 
6. Alexander McQueen rug ,The Rug Company.