Monday, February 13, 2012


We've had a kind of wonderful beginning of the year just all hanging out together. We've only had one (amazeballs) wedding so far this year and we've spent the rest of the time, well, unbelievably busy actually. But we've been unbelievably busy all together which has been so cool. 

photo 2: ding dong Poang is dead! I finally got N to throw out that damn chair.  Life is immeasurably better now. 
photo 6: that's not my baby.  Kinda looks like her though, right? 
photo 7: the hat was a birthday present for the girls from N's cousin, it was made by Tiny Owl Knits and it is the sweetest, softest hat ever. There are also hoof mittens to match. My bear is a deer. 
 photo 8: she put herself in there. Man was she pissed off when she realised.