Tuesday, February 07, 2012

life in brief.

There aren't really words for how much I love 17 Beats. Not words that don't look really stupid and clumsy and ugly next to hers. These are some of my favourites bits. 

infant milestones 
much to celebrate :
baby girl has grown skillful
at flipping the bird. 

it's that moment when your gums stop quivering at my breast, and you thrust 
yourself into a perfect back bend, while kneading my thigh with your toes. 

when a banana asks you on a date 
"i'm saying 'yes' to
fruit these days." why i find this
funny, i don't know. 

catholic tricks 
crumpling three candy
wrappers into one ball helps
you feel less guilty.

this is what happens when you try too hard 
put glasses over
glasses this morning and saw
that i could not see.