Sunday, February 12, 2012



A friend of my Mum's on being a solicitor in a small town and being recognised by the opposition out of court: 
"I only got threatening looks once in a bar and I'm still not sure if he recognised me or he just thought I was an ugly wee shite." 
This has started happening to me. Occasionally I notice people staring and I always just gave them a dirty look and muttered 'so what if I have a cheerio stuck to my shoulder, fuck off' under my breath. And then someone pointed out that I have a blog and people read it and there are pictures of me all over it and maybe they recognize me. Well holy crap if that didn't just freak me the hell RIGHT out. (Thanks Lauren)

Sorry if I've ever given you the Look. I'm pretty certain that most if not all of those people were thinking 'girlfriend needs to wash her hair', but just in case.

* owl drawing By Mark.Weaver