Friday, March 30, 2012


Thank you all so much for your comments on yesterday's post, they helped a lot (blogger won't let me reply to them, because it's an arse). I went to the doctor this morning, she diagnosed pre-menstrual syndrome and prescribed me.... a leaflet. I love my doctor so I'm not going to bitch about how that Really Wasn't Helpful.  
It's a good job this was waiting for me when I got home.  

Happy weekend.  

(it's beetroot salad, not blood.) 


  1. that middle one just made my day! what a cutie! (and yay for eating beetroot, delicious)

  2. And look at her pearly little chompers.

  3. Oh my god she really diagnosed you PMS ?
    Hugs to you.
    And she really is having soo much fun ! Hope you are feeling better !

  4. Hahaha "not blood", thank you for the clarification. Arg, a pamphlet, I'd just blink at her. Feel better :)

  5. Those girlies make me smile so big.

    Sending you tons of hugs. I hope the chocolate cake & the Ramones & beetroot-covered faces have helped make today better. xx

  6. Aw what fab pics shes a right little cuttie x GP are not always that helpful are they? They diagnosed me with PND until the shrink said hey she is Bipolar, they got wrong as gave me antidepressants when im already on strong nutty pills ;)


    Also, much love, sweetpea. xx

  8. Deep breath... yeah if you can - I mean who sends someone home with a LEAFLET - these people have the power to give us placebos! A mint lolly with some "very specific instructions" would top a LEAFLET any day hey! Forgive the rant but I've just had something similar happen and I found MY CHICKENS more soothing than the Doctors! After all that - what I actually wanted to say was .... I have a really really strong feeling that you're ok... this IS related to all that's going on in your world, juggling four people (we juggle our kids, our hubbies AND ourselves) the morning coffee and oh that silly little thing that crops up from time to time.... WORRYING OUR BUTTS OFF... I think it begins with motherhood but not too sure cos I've always been a bit of an "oh my God what if THAT happens kinda gal" .... Sending you real, REAL heartfelt love and empathy and Australian sunshine :-) xxx

  9. Yay leaflets ! *groan* hang in there. :-/

    1. (maybe you can roll it up & smoke it)

  10. Have you heard of PMDD? Apparently it's PMT but really extreme. I think I might have it (despite being on pill..) because I feel absolutely awful in run-up to period in a can't-stop-crying, is the world going to end? way. Maybe you could go back armed with information and see if they could put you on mild antidepressants? It's really not worth suffering through. Hope you feel better soon x


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