Thursday, March 29, 2012


Be Kind To Yourself Art Print 2

I'm in the middle of an anxiety sort of a thing, and it sucks. I don't mean right this minute (right this minute I'm kind of okay, which I can tell because I'm sitting writing this and not hyperventilating into my pillow or whimpering 'is it all going to be okay?' into Nye's armpit), I mean right this month. It started when we put the house on the market, which may or may not be related, and it's continued constantly for the last fortnight, a gripping feeling in my chest that is there as soon as I wake up and just gets tighter and tighter throughout the day. It eases for about 15 minutes while I'm drinking my morning coffee and half an hour when I first fall asleep, before the dreams about maths exams I'm not prepared for and shopping centres full of zombies kick in. (Just so you know, tripling the strength of your morning coffee does not triple the length of anxiety-free time you get. Who would have guessed? Also, maths exams beat zombies in the nightmare stakes.) Being outside helps, the girls screaming half the night long doesn't. 
I just wanted to put it out there. I hear that March can do this to some people (those of us who are prone to insanity), be reminded that it's the month that's the problem (it's not been unheard of for me to freak out at this time of year) made me feel a whole lot better and stop being quite such a bitch to myself about my inability to cope with stuff at the moment.  Maybe you guys can be kind to yourselves to, okay?

image by My Little Buffalo, for sale here