Tuesday, March 20, 2012

monday morning.

It's Monday morning, the girls are asleep, Nye is working. I'm guzzling coffee in an attempt to prepare myself for a client meeting in a couple of hours. A client meeting that we're taking the girls to. Said client is also taking her one year old and I'm praying to all of the gods of all that is fair that her kiddo is as mental as ours are right now because I don't know that I can handle being shown up by my offspring at work. Other things I don't know: why I thought taking the girls along was a good idea at all. I heard 'I'll be taking our one year old with me to the meeting' and thought 'how cool! I'll take ours and they will be great friends and it will be so cute!'. That was before yesterday.  Ella was a total monster yesterday and got sent to her room for the first time in her short life. Ten minutes of yelling and throwing toys seemed to calm her right down after a whole day of being a shit. I really thought that this tantrum stuff was supposed to happen later, something about 'terrible twos'? (Which now that I think about it is as obnoxious and annoying a phrase as 'double trouble'.)

We had a wedding at the weekend, it was an emotional one. I mean, they're all emotional to a degree, but this one was Emotional. I don't know about other photographers but I totally ride the wave of the couple's emotions all day. It's not a conscious decision, I couldn't detach myself if I wanted to and it's what makes me good at my job but I don't half end the day feeling wiped out (let's end the surfing metaphors there, shall we?)

Oh, we're moving to London. FYI.  I'm a little bit terrified a little bit never been so excited in my life. Anyone want to buy a flat in Glasgow?

We also had a bit of a makeover, with new shiny logos and stuff. I kind of like it.

Okay, now I need to go wash, dress and sedate my children.

Byes for now.