Monday, April 30, 2012

alligator, buffalo, caterpillar...

It's not something that people tell you but kids mostly don't care about toys. Not as babies anyway. They've been into books for a while but that was about it. A couple of months ago they started (very occasionally) giving a cuddly toy a quick squeeze before hurling it across the floor. Over the last few weeks they've got really into playing with a ball and we can get a pretty excellent game of 2-a-side football going these days but mostly the things that they really like playing with aren't toys at all; fridge magnets, tea bags, remote controls, usb cables, pine cones. 
Except. These animal cards that we were given by one of our best ladies. The girls LOVE them. (They love Rooster so much that they ate him). For ages we were kind of precious about them, trying to stop the girls from sitting on them and squashing them a little in their enthusiasm but then we just let it go, sat back and enjoyed watching them have an absolute ball with what has to be one of their favourite presents ever. 

(we get their pyjamas on ebay where they're ridiculously cheap. We would never ever dress them this pinkly if we were leaving the house. Just so you know.)