Friday, April 13, 2012

scenes from a marriage, cont.

(or: 'conversations that seem perfectly normal if you spend a lot of time with toddlers. Not so much if you don't'.)

Hartford Art School Lecture Photos for Slideshow

 'Nye, will you smell my leg and tell me if it smells like poo?'
'do I have to?' 

For those of you who were following the trouser drama on twitter, yes I wore them, and yes, they did smell like poo. But only if you stuck your nose right up in my crotch and that's something I try to avoid with clients, even the nicest ones.  

*image by Kate  


  1. Haha, I love this! The conversations we end up having as parents...

  2. That made me chuckle :) Sounds like the conversations I have with my husband!

  3. One of my conversations back in the early "new family" days: ME - "Watch the baby dear... No... OUR baby" ... Even though that makes Hubby sound like a git he's really not :-) Xx

  4. aha likewise, i never realised that owning two dogs would translate into picking up so much damn poo! i like to think it is in some way preparation for babies..?

  5. Am fairly sure I've gone out smelling of poo before but the issue is confused by this Phantom Poo Detection I've developed -- I can smell baby poo like woah, when those around me assure me it's nothing. I think it's a syndrome born of exposure -- like in school when we made ammonia, I took a massive whiff and all I could smell for 3 days was stale cat urine. Yay!

    On the plus side, big city stink means there's always plausible deniability for you in future poo:trouser shituations. (My blissful ignorance of the odour of rush hour Central Line is pretty much the only thing I miss about smoking.)

  6. I made Mr P smell my shoes last week (it was dog not baby though dangit and NOT MY DOG)

    PS the bubs keep getting cuter damn it.


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