Wednesday, April 18, 2012


A lot of the time I'm not really that big on talking (I have two kids, they're loud, I'm tired, my brain hurts, shhhhhh.) But mostly I understand that other people like to talk and that I'm the weirdo here so I do my best to play along. However. There are three situations in which I'm pretty certain that it's not okay to talk to me, like ever;
1. during the cinema
2. while I'm on the toilet
3. when I'm reading a menu.  
Non-negotiable, don't do it, I won't forgive you.  
I'm aware that I'm a grumpy arse but these seem reasonable to me, right? Have I missed any other truly non-negotiable no-chat situations? 

*Russian 'FFS, stop blabbing our secrets to the enemy ' poster.