Thursday, May 10, 2012

my pretties.

I don't wear a lot of jewellery, more than I used to but not a lot. For a long time I just couldn't be bothered,  which evolved into 'babies, everywhere, pulling at my face' and now has finally settled into the wearing of a couple of small, really simple things which I love but which mostly (but not all) cost 20 pence and so are now disintegrating. The handful of things that I wear are as follows:
  • conical stud earrings in gold (the kind of gold that chips off) and in pewter - £6 for three, topshop
  • studs that look like pearls from afar but are actually brushed silver (a present, about £25. Pricy.)
  • a black friendship bracelet with silver beads which was a gift from a bestie. I'm terrified that the string is going to wear through like the one I gave her in return did so I only wear it when I need to channel her badassery to get through the day. It's my equivalent of strapping on a pair. It was about $30 from Catbird.  

There's a theme; simple and Not Expensive. While the thought of wearing jewellery that is Expensive thrills me (I've been known to drag Nye down Bond Street, looking at £500,000 rings with my nose pressed up against the windows while he glares around with contempt muttering 'this is revolting, I can't believe you made me come here. Hey, that's Chris Eubank.) actually wearing anything that cost more than 30 quid would probably make me nauseus. So I should probably stop looking at these beauties from Mociun, for although they are (perfectly) simple they are Not Cheap and therefore Not For Me. But how I would love to replace my crappy, flaking gold studs with Mociun's exact copy (times $100) in gold which I'm pretty sure wouldn't peel off. 

all images from Modicun


  1. I have been ogling a Mociun ring for months now, and THIS IS NOT HELPING. (This one, if you're interested.)

    Hmm, a badass bestie who shops in Catbird... do we get three guesses?

  2. I'm obsessed with the little turquoise and diamond triangle earrings from Mociun. We're going to New York in June and the new shop is going to be one of my first stops but think I'll have to give my money to the boy for safekeeping as I'm not sure I can be trusted in there...

  3. I, too, have a Mociun problem. There is a bucket near my door I throw change in. I've hopes that one day, in 20 years when I've saved enough (because her prices go up every few months- I'm sure as a result of BOTH popularity and price of gold) I'll nab a turquoise triangle ring.

    30 quid is around 50 US dollars, right? So actual gold & silver is probably out of the question. Brass with the important part (i.e. skin-touching part= interior of ring or earring posts) painted with clear nail polish with stop it from turning your fingers green. Choose gold-filled over vermeil or gold-plated if you can. It is much more hard wearing, won't flake, and should last as long as traditional gold would.

    Catbird is my go-to for most all of my jewelry nowadays, their gold prices are fan.fucking.tastic. Save up a little- $150 will get you an awesome little heirloom nowadays.

  4. I'm a sucker for baubles. And I love that necklace. But I've got too much of the stuff now, and can't even wear what I have. I keep imagining I will get it melted down and repurposed, some day when my time and imagination returns to me.

  5. I feel like I need to do to my jewellery drawer what you've done to your wardrobe. I have lots of cheap earrings I no longer like wearing but have which are messy. Then once I've done that I can save up to strategically buy pieces like those gorgeous Mociun pieces you've found.

  6. Your wedding ring is beautiful! I don't wear expensive jewelry either-- too afraid I'll lose it. Mostly I wear a pair of cheap cubic zirconia studs, my Rose Theater ring (fourteen pounds at the new Globe!... I'm a Shakespeare nerd), and a luckenbooth necklace that my boy gave me for Christmas two years ago. Don't need anything more. But oh, I do WANT more sometimes... ;)

  7. My uncle has an eye for jewellery and likes to treat his sister, sister in law and nieces. So I have quite a lot of very nice jewellery. I recently refound a favourite necklace. I think I lost the fear as, I have the stuff already, and if you save something for best you may never wear it (I'm now thinking of wearing my freshwater pearls today just because they are beautiful).

    When I had to buy my wedding ring recently I got annoyed at the cost of wedding rings (the only jewellery I buy myself is rings - all the rest are gifts).

    I now think though that should I start buying my own jewellery I will buy it from Mociun.

  8. Dear Peonies,
    I almost certainly shouldn't do this, but
    The website is not so great, but when you move to London - there's an amazing concession in Liberty. I found it because the boy bought my engagement ring there. And now I can't stop going in and gazing at turquoise no.7s, little chairs, arrows, animals, tiny bicycles, seed pearl horseshoes - ach it's really my thing.
    An East London Bride x

  9. i too am all about the simple jewelry. but find it difficult to stomach some of the prices. i would be so scared i'd lose it!

  10. I almost wish I hadn't clicked on that Mociun link. I want all of it now.

  11. I'm a little drunk just looking at those rings. I covet them all.

  12. WIfeinthecity mentioned it, but I am curious (and maybe I missed a post somewhere, I'm not sure) has your wardrobe reduction process gone? How do you feel about it? I should probably do the same thing for my closet and my jewelry box. I am trying to slowly reduce my clothes, but it is SLOW.

    My jewelry box is pretty chaotic and I have too much cheap, never worn jewelry in there. I have a couple of nice things I love (and wear everyday) and a couple I wear less. I think my big jewelry turning point was when I was about 23 and thought I had lost a diamond stud my grandparents had given me for graduation (right after my grandfather had passed away). I was SO upset at the idea of losing at that time, especially, but I realized also that if you never wear it, you never get to enjoy it either. We ended up finding the earring (three people helped me carefully search my entire apartment, I got screw-on backs put on, and I made the decision just to wear them as much as I wanted to, knowing that I might lost them one day. And so they've been in my ears ever since. You know, kinda like...better to have loved and lost?

    What about getting your favorite bracelet re-strung by a jeweler? I am guessing that won't cost too much, but it might allow you to wear the bracelet you love without fear of it it breaking?

  13. I'll pretty much take one of everything at Mociun.


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