Tuesday, May 22, 2012

you know that thing I said about "maybe it's not so bad if I'm not certain about everything"? It was a pile of arse.
that's all. 


  1. Hope you are feeling more certain then!

    But, in general? Nah.
    Per David Mitchell on 10 o'clock live re Kony 2012's Jason Russell (if I recall): "Anyone that certain about anything must be a maniac."

    But I like an ornate arse as much as the next person.

  2. I moved form the city to the country in january this year.i was in denial about the whole thing until we woke up in our (very own!!) house the day after the move. arse indeed. Atleast its a pretty one. *s*

  3. Hello,

    You know, I've been too shy to comment on all the lovely blogs I read but I feel like I'm commenting all over the place today. I felt quite sad when I read your latest posting because I felt for you. I've moved states twice within Australia in the past ten years and it's tough and a bit scary, especially with kids, and unfortunately I have to tell you that you can never be certain of everything. It's a huge bummer but I found that one has to let go and try and go with the flow. Whatever happens you will be fine, life will generally work out ok. Not exactly the way you want but still fine. And you do survive. It is ok to not be certain about things and you will be ok. I have to believe that as well as we're planning on heading back to the other side of the country again!!! :) I loved the arse lettering though, it looked fabulous!!

  4. i'm right there with you, p. but the truth of the matter is @alia et libris is kind of totally right. it will work out for the both of us. promise.

  5. Moving is AWFUL and then it is over and then life resumes. The end x

  6. Thank you all. I know, I know. We'll get there. x


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