Wednesday, June 13, 2012

playing with cameras.

I'd like you to meet Eilidh*. When Eilidh's mum emailed me and asked if I might be interested in taking some photos of her daughter just being my initial reaction was a panicked 'I've never done that before I don't know how to do it I can't do it' (if you didn't know, I'm scared of trying new stuff) and then Nye told me I was being silly and actually I'd spent 18 months doing just that with Widdle and Puke and that it would be fun and I should be brave and give it a go. So I did. And I loved it. It turns out that I really like hanging out with littles.

So now I want to do more. I mean, let's not be uncertain: I have absolutely no desire to put babies in baskets, arrange newborns so that it looks like their resting their heads on their hands or get pose families in descending order of age. But just hanging out? Playing? With my camera there? I think I'd like to do more of that, maybe start a(nother) business. More about that later though, for now, here's Eildih: 

*(do Americans know how to pronounce Eilidh? It's Hayley without the H. You're welcome.) 

I'm still daydreaming out the details of a business, figuring out a plan that might travel with us to London, thinking up a name that works better than Widdle and Puke Photography. But in the meantime if you're interested in having me hang out with you and your littles and letting me capture an hour or two of your lives in my own style (no funny business with baskets) send me an email to 

Between now and the end of August the deal is thus;
  • I will charge £200 to spend two hours with you either in your home or somewhere that you and your littles find fun (I'm more than happy to come to the park with you for instance. Or the zoo, I like the zoo!) 
  • I'm available to travel in and around Glasgow or to anywhere I can get to easily on the train from central Glasgow (travel expenses not included)
  • I will give you the photos as high-resolution files, probably around 50, maybe more, maybe less. 
  • I get to use the photos to build a portfolio 
  • No funny business with baskets. (think of it as a playdate, except instead of a kid I bring a camera. Although I've got no shortage of kids, if you want me to bring one of those too.)