Thursday, July 12, 2012

musings on lupin.


I miss my bunny. 

A year ago my mum looked after the bunny while we were away somewhere, he never came home. It turned out that he liked it there, more than he liked it here with two small people on the cusp of learning to get around and a propensity for eye-gouging (and shit-eating). I think my mum likes having him too, he's pretty good company. She also looks after him a lot better than we ever did, she bought him a heated pad because she was worried he was cold. And she doesn't cuddle him against his will, tickle his feet or forget to feed him until midday. I hate to admit it but we're those horrible people who had kids and then no time for our pets. I hate those people. 

Mostly I've been too busy being overwhelmed by life to miss him terribly, but over the last week I've reallllly wanted one of those unwilling cuddles. 

Nye says we're not having any more rabbits. He says the only pet we're having from now on is a dog. He says I was wrong when I came home that day and told him I'd just heard that you could keep rabbits indoors and wasn't that the best thing ever! He says they're outdoor pets. And yet when I suggest having an outdoor one at some point in the future he doesn't seem to keen on that either. I'm not sure he can hold out against three of us though, Ella is already completely obsessed with her stuffed bunny, it can't be long before she's mastered 'daddy, can I have a REAL bunny?' Combine that with Amelia's superior skills with wielding a blunt weapon and he's toast. 

I thought writing about missing him would help. It didn't. I really want to stick my finger under that pissed off chin and schnuffle it. Which incidentally, would be one of the reasons why he doesn't miss me at all.