Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A morning with Anja.

Just before we left Glasgow, Natalie and Steven invited me to their stunning home (seriously, I was stunned. It was proper magazine-beautiful)  to photograph their tiny baby girl, Anja. 

Anja's grandparents had travelled from New Jersey to meet their first grandchild and we all spent a quiet morning together, just revelling in how beautiful and sleepy babies are and what a privilege it is to have three generations together for the first time. 

(I'm still working away on a website for this new photography business of mine. I spent two weeks building a blog site only to decide that I don't like it and I had better start again. We do however have a name, which is a start. I'm no longer available in Glasgow for shoots as we live in the Highlands now (surprise!) but in three months we'll be in London, and I hope I'll be launching Cara Shoots Littles (not the official name) properly then.)