Tuesday, September 25, 2012

June, a month in photos.

Notes on June. 

i. fancy booze from fancy friends, with fancy ice cubes
ii. a spending spree in the charity shop
iii. new dress, small bottoms
iv. treats from Pierrotv. treats found by small people. 
vi. bubboos blown
vii. buboos watched
viii. my own tiny King.
ix. a first kitchen cave
x. the discovery that if we work together we can move the furniture.  
xi. laundry is tiresome
xii. Fofee
xiii. in a box, sunday morning reading
xiv. Mountain Biking Makes Men Muddy
xv. first watermelon, closely guarded. 


  1. Teamwork for furniture moving? Im pretty sure that now they're unstoppable. As well as the cuteness.

    Kids in brown boxes are my favourite.

    1. I'm pretty sure it signals the end of any notion of being in charge that we might have previously held.

  2. Bubboos, forts, laps full of babies. June looks wonderful.

  3. <3

    That mud photo of Nye looks *so* editorial. Like, I want to see it in a gallery. Or magazine.

    1. Thank you! I wouldn't mind seeing it in a gallery or a magazine either!


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