Wednesday, November 07, 2012


A young Indian girl dances outside the US embassy in New Delhi
* Kevin Frayer/AP via the Guardian

We had our own dance party in the kitchen this morning, Ella shook her nappy while Ammie shouted 'Bobama! Bobama!'

Now UK, let's sit up and pay attention to what can be learned about voting on the side of good, not evil. (Although, if we're honest I find it hard to imagine either option being worth dancing for. Or as a wise woman says...)


  1. Kenya have announced a holiday tomorrow to celebrate-love it! Shame I don't live there anymore, but that is by the by...

  2. As someone actually living in the US, I can say that while it might look good from the outside, our country needs to stop its current trajectory. Definitely not a simple victory.

  3. There's a few people being carpet- bombed that might disagree. Being the lesser of two evils does not make someone great.

    1. A very fair point. But the lesser of two evils is still worth celebrating, if only because they're lesser.

  4. all of us democrats who spent all day everyday of the last several months being scared out of our minds here in the states jumped for joy and cried and cheered too. so, so, so happy and relieved. we've got a long way to go, but at least we managed to stop from going backward... or, you know, straight down.

  5. Here's to some actual progress these next four years, eh? (ihopeihopeihope)


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