Tuesday, November 13, 2012

people's reactions when you tell them you're moving to London.

There are three ways that the conversation goes:

them: 'I hear you're moving to London.'
us: 'yes'. 
them: 'I take it you're moving for work?' (implied: why would you move to London if you didn't have to?)
us: 'no, we can work from anywhere, we just want to live in London.'
them: puzzled silence.  
them: 'You're moving to London? Why? It's a horrible place. I HATE London.'
us: puzzled silence. 

them: 'You're moving to London?! I LOVE London, I'm so jealous!' 
us: 'thank you, we're really excited!' 

Alternative endings to Conversation 1 include 'rather you than me', 'good luck', 'don't people usually move out of London when they have children?' but we haven't had one single conversation about moving to London that hasn't followed one of these three basic templates. My favourites are the people who tell me how dangerous London is. I can't help but laugh and point out that we're moving there from Glasgowand that in doing so our household insurance premium halved. Just something to think about.

*I actually kind of love Glasgow and never felt unsafe once in the 6 years that I lived there. It does make South London look like a day out in the Cotswolds though.